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Canine Massage Certification

We offer all the education you'll need to become a qualified, competent, and experienced canine massage practitioner.  

Continuing Education

Expand your existing skill set and fulfill your CE requirements with our variety of online courses and hands-on workshops. 

Personal Enrichment

No need to be a canine professional to take our courses! All you need is a love for dogs and a willingness to learn new skills. 

NBCAAM Member School

Our certification program meets NBCAAM's strict curriculum requirements and prepares students to sit for the national board certification exam in canine massage therapy.

Approved CE Classes

Our classes are approved for continuing education by NBCAAM. 

Many of our courses are also RACE-approved and NCBTMB-approved.
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Canis Bodyworks Course Descriptions

Program Overview

Online Only
Interest Courses

Starting your Journey

These are the first courses to take as you begin your canine massage therapy certification program.
Already certified and looking for Continuing Education hours?  Not interested in certification but want to learn the fundamentals of canine massage? These courses can also be taken for CE and Personal Enrichment.  

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Advanced Massage Techniques

Part of the Canis Bodyworks certification program, these advanced courses teach specialized techniques that are game changers in our work as canine massage therapists.  Already certified and looking for Continuing Education hours? 
These courses can also be taken for CE.

Learn From Home

The following online courses are part of the Canis Bodyworks certification program. 
They can also be taken as Continuing Education or Personal Enrichment. 
For more CE and Personal Enrichment options, click on the "Special Interest Courses" tab above.

Continuing Education & Personal Enrichment

While these courses may not be part of the Canis Bodyworks certification program, they teach bodywork techniques that can
enhance your skills as a practitioner and enrich your experience as a pet parent. 
Take them for Continuing Education or Personal Enrichment.

Recommended Path for Certification

Follow these steps if your goal is to become an NBCAAM-Certified Canine Massage Professional!

A Condensed and Intensive Approach to Certification

The Canis Bodyworks Mentorship Program offers an alternative route to canine massage certification.
What Is the Mentorship Program?
A 10-day intensive, customized hands-on learning experience during which you learn all the techniques we teach in the certification program.

Specific online courses must be completed in preparation for this in-person experience (additional course fees apply), and additional online and home study work is required following the 10-day hands-on portion.  

Who Can Take This Program?
The Mentorship Program is ideal for international students or anyone who wants to take all of the hands-on coursework at once. Only 2 students are accepted into each Mentorship, so approval to take the program is required.

When and Where Is the Program Offered?
The Mentorship Program takes place only once or twice each year in our Chicago and St. Louis locations. Dates for upcoming sessions can be found below, or on the program registration page.

Program Highlights - What You Can Expect:
  • Preparation support leading up to the hands-on portion
  • Low student to instructor ratio (2:1) in class ensures a custom, personal experience
  • Extensive curriculum, including technique demo videos
  • Work with a variety of dogs, including actual client cases and shelter dogs
  • Ongoing support and virtual training, feedback, and guidance
  • Study support for the NBCAAM certification exam
  • Access to multiple Canis Bodyworks instructors throughout the Mentorship Program experience
Program Cost:
  • $8,000 - 10-day hands-on portion plus instructor follow up and support
  • $1,400 - Online courses (pay as you go)
  • Total = $9,400

Interested? Visit the course registration page
for more details.

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Contact the location's lead instructor to discuss goals and ensure this is the best fit.

Where We Teach

Chicagoland, IL

Our Illinois-based workshops take place at K9 Therapy Massage in Villa Park, IL

St. Louis, MO

Our St. Louis-based workshops are located at Yuppy Puppy in Cottleville, MO


Our Virginia workshops take place at Wholistic Paws Veterinary Services in Ashburn, VA

Ontario, Canada

Our Canada-based workshops are located at the Animal Massage & Movement Education Centre in Frankville, Ontario

2024 Workshop Dates & Locations

Trust & Relationship-
Building with Dogs

Canine Massage

The Physical


Myofascial Trigger Point 
& Orthopedic Friction

Business of
Canine Massage

Applied Acupressure

Mentorship Program

Trust & Relationship-Building with Dogs, Part 2

Chicagoland (IL)

June 8-9

St. Louis

Aug 17-18


Sept 28-29


Sept 7-8

Canine Massage Fundamentals, Part 2

Chicagoland (IL)

July 5-7

St. Louis

Sept 13-15


Oct 18-20


Sept 28-30

The Physical Dog, Part 2

Chicagoland (IL)

Aug 2-4

St. Louis

Oct 4-6


Nov 15-17


Oct 5-7

Lymphatic Massage: The Common Denominator

Chicagoland (IL)

Oct 5-6

St. Louis

July 20-21


Sept 7-8


Nov 2-3

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy & Orthopedic Friction

Chicagoland (IL)

Sept 6-8

St. Louis

June 7-9


Aug 9-11


Nov 23-25

Applied Acupressure Fundamentals


June 22-23

St. Louis

Sept 21-22


Dec 7-8


Not scheduled

Business of Canine Massage & Bodywork

Live Zoom Webinar Only

June 23 | August 25

Mentorship Program


March 1-10

St. Louis

November 1-10

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