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Trust & Relationship-Building with Dogs: Online

Part 1 of 2
The online, distance-learning portion of this course prepares you for the in-class practical portion.  From the comfort of your home or office, you'll lay the foundation for working hands-on with dogs who may be stressed, anxious, fearful, shy, or inadequately socialized. Recommended for everyone who works with dogs.

This course is the first in our certification series, and the first step on your journey. 

Online | 8 Hours


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  • 11 Modules
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Earn a Dog's Trust 

Earning trust starts with understanding dogs and how they communicate, how they learn, and how they respond to stressful situations.  Learn the intricacies of canine communication and how we can engage in effective "conversation" with dogs.

Gain Permission to Touch

Respectful touch and physical interaction with a dog can happen only after you've gained the dog's trust.  With the right tools and techniques, taught in this course and in Part 2, you will be able to earn trust and gain permission to touch and interact, thereby providing the dog with a more positive, less stressful experience.
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Welcome to Trust & Relationship-Building with Dogs - Part 1

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TRB: Workshop

Part 2 of 2
Trust and Relationship-Building with Dogs Part 2 takes you into the classroom to get up close and personal with a variety of dogs. You'll apply what you learn in Part 1 and gain new tools and techniques that allow you to earn the trust of almost any dog. 

Through observation, real-time demonstrations, and extensive hands-on practice, you'll gain the confidence necessary for working respectfully and safely with dogs in any setting.  Special emphasis will be placed on gaining permission for touch and bodywork. 

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