St. Louis-Based Workshops

Ready for some hands-on experiences?  Check out the workshop schedule for our St. Louis location.

2023 St. Louis-Based Workshops - UPDATED

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May 20-21

Trust & Relationship-Building with Dogs*

June 9-11

Canine Massage Fundamentals*

Aug 4-6

The Physical Dog*

Sep 29- Oct 1

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy & Orthopedic Friction

Oct 28-29

Lymphatic Massage: The Common Denominator

July 22-23

Applied Acupressure Fundamentals

* These workshops have an online prerequisite course.

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Get Started with Online Courses

Our in-class workshops build on the knowledge you gain from the online courses.
Register for the following online courses any time, and complete each one before attending its corresponding workshop.
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Trust & Relationship-Building with Dogs, Part 1

Begin your journey with this online course that prepares you for the 2-day workshop.
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Canine Massage Fundamentals, Part 1

Prepare for the 3-day hands-on workshop with this prerequisite online course. 
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The Physical Dog, Part 1

Immerse yourself in canine anatomy & physiology with this online course to prepare for the 3-day workshop. 
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St. Louis - Gateway to Success!

St. Louis-based workshops take place at The Academy of Pet Careers in St. Charles, Missouri.

Learning is fun at The Academy of Pet Careers, which is the only hands-on, dedicated pet career school in the country that offers multiple fields of study. This professional facility is clean, comfortable, and modern.

Meet Our St. Louis Instructors

Alyson Snelling

Certified Canine Massage Therapist
Certified Canine Fitness Trainer
Master Level Reiki Practitioner

Ibbie, Bishop, Hugo Bean, & Georgia

The Best Helpers
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