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Introduction to Professional Canine Massage Therapy

Get a taste of our canine massage certification program with some valuable tidbits from our Foundations courses.

This free course includes useful information and techniques you can use today with the dogs in your life. 

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Trust & Relationship-Building with Dogs

Part 1 of 2
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This online course is the first in our certification series and the first step on your canine massage journey.  TRB Part 1 prepares you for Part 2, the in-class Trust & Relationship-Building with Dogs workshop where you'll get hands-on practice learning how to build trust with a variety of amazing dogs.

From the comfort of your home or office, this online course will lay the foundation for working hands-on with dogs who may be stressed, anxious, fearful, shy, or inadequately socialized.

The theories and techniques found in our Trust and Relationship-Building with Dogs course are at the heart of everything we do as therapists: if we don't effectively and respectfully interact with dogs to earn their trust, then massage and other bodywork modalities are not possible.

Recommended for everyone who lives or works with dogs.

Patrick Jones - Course author
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